Whale of A Sale

April 21, 2020

The annual sale, once again, was filled with great donations from the community and members of the Historical Society. We are so pleased that people do remember our once a year event and save items for us. We still do not accept clothes or bedding, in bulk; however, we did have a sampling of unique items in both categories. Our most expensive single sold item was a $100.00 for a leather chair and ottoman.

Most of our sales were made on Saturday in spite of the weather. The hot coffee and baked goods were appreciated. We use the words “quality items” when asking for donations and when advertising our sale in the newspaper. People have come to realize we mean just that.

Our items are always whole, clean, and neatly arranged. We do get many compliments on the sale and many who say they will be back next year.

It’s fun for us to spend time together for this worthy cause. As age creeps up on us we get slower but having a week to prepare and the help of staff we accomplished the task with pleasure.

Members of the Crew:

  • Thor Lauritzen
  • Dorothy Adkins
  • LaVern Adkins
  • Peggy Coverdale
  • Irene Raynor
  • Jean Tweedie
  • Linda Tisdale
  • Tony Mack
  • Rex Martin
  • Helen Peters

Respectfully submitted

Whale of A Sale Committee