King CyrusLumber Transport Ship King Cyrus Exhibit Opening to the Public on August 16, 2014

The exhibit will be opening in the Westport Maritime Museum on August 16th and will feature diaries, photos and many other itemsĀ  from its travels in the Pacific Northwest waters & beyond, including:

  • A diary written by Grace Rosendal in 1913
  • Black and white photographs
  • King Cyrus oil painting by Reginald A. Borstel
  • The Ships Clock & Operating Instructions
  • A Shipwreck chart, outlining where the King Cyrus ran aground.

This collection is from Grace Rosendal who was raised aboard the ship.

King Cyrus King Cyrus King Cyrus






Come visit us to see these items and much more.

View the newspaper release here.

Also get a sneak preview of the developing exhibit of the “Commanding Officer’s Exhibit”